An Outsider

by Rhine

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released February 5, 2016

All music written, produced and mixed by Gabe Tachell
Guitars, bass, vocals and programming by Gabe Tachell
Drums by Sean Lang
Mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording NC
Artwork by Gabe Tachell made from photography by Megan Treasure



all rights reserved


Rhine Seattle, Washington

Rhine has a unique mix of styles and emotions in their music that is influenced by everything from black/death/thrash metal to prog rock, classical and folk

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Track Name: Dreaming of Death
Breathe in silence listen to nothing close your eyes and awake 
what a beautiful place I can see that there's nothing to fear here 
can't discover a trace of anything living 
no more longing for someone to embrace 
step into the swamp feel the cold on my skin 
looking deep into the water that's where the nightmare begins 
I see the fear in their dead eyes  except the ones that are shut 
and then the fear it creeps into me into me into me into me into me 
like a knife hanging over my head when my hands are all tied and my shouting is empty need to find a
way out of here, how to cut it down
Help, please, is somebody there? anybody? can you hear me? they're dead!
Tonight I'm dreaming of death 
feel so scared I can hardly take another breath 
There's a stream of blood trickling down my path
Can't hide just face the fear and let it pass
Can't run when I'm dreaming of death
can't see the good in anyone when I'm dreaming of death
can't sleep when I'm dreaming of death 
I want to die when I'm dreaming of death
Looking through my eyes I can see the morning light
But it's far away and hard to say if I'll ever reach it
I can't feel anything but the desire to give up
Every hour that passes is hard
Harder than the last glimpse of emptiness you could ever find in here
By myself, for myself, leave myself alone
A dream becomes a reality when the effects control your mind
It's hard to want to live just to die
Next time I sleep I'll return to that same place
Track Name: The Spell of Dark Water
The Spell of Dark Water lyrics
The cold sinks into your bones, your broken feet
Like an anchor, deep into the sea
It's where you want to be
Skin tightens as you grasp for breath
Your muscles bind
engulfed in depths
see what you can find you're running out of time
The spell of the dark water
is bereft of guilt and shame
your only vocation the art of finding an end without the means
Look out into an infinite darkness
look up into the infinite light
at a thousand feet she'll be waiting for you in the frozen ice
Dive into the ocean, into the sea
Swimming with the dolphins and the walrus will put your mind at ease
Reach out your hand a faint glow
in the distance her form appearing
you're tired your heart is pumping slow
feelings gone no longer breathing
pushing can't go on
give it up you're done
your body feels so weak
drifting out of consciousness and floating away
Track Name: An Outsider
My silence is all I have
good will is all I create 
bright faces
appear in my mind
dark encounters
occur in my life
that everything 
we create 
is damaging 
the world 
peace of mind 
a fantasy 
for a dream, a dream
What did you see fly under the
there is a plan but no longer for
it flew away a long time ago 
now I'm lost taking it slow
I'm all alone with nowhere to be
there is a sight with nothing to see
I travel past many empty places
now I'm lost, devastated
Know if you speak out against them now
just wait to disappear 
obey them instead 
surrender all you have 
stripped of will, losing integrity 
and now there's nothing left 
I know I know and now I don't see 
anything or anybody else who's left behind
that everything 
we create 
is damaging 
peace of mind 
a fantasy 
for a dream
a dream 
is all I have 
my silence 
is all I need 
what did you see 
in the trees 
flew away 
long time ago 
stripped of will 
nothing left
there's nothing left
Track Name: Paralyzed
Something pushing down on me
an eerie way of saying please remove 
your presence from my humble abode
Locked inside a stream of consciousness  
I do believe the powerlessness is a force 
a force beyond my control
Cannot travel far 
frozen to the floor 
want to be awake 
pushing just to shake
Flash of red light 
breaking through the skin
the skin of my eyes 
breathing like a beast 
steaming breath blowing through 
yellow hardened teeth
Feel the ground beneath my feet 
before this shattered earth I see light 
shining at the end 
stuck inside myself 
waiting for a movement 
Try to crawl away 
wish that you could see me
touch me on my face 
wish that I could speak to say 
I am awake 
I am alive 
I need some help from somebody 
to rid me of this fear 
grabbing for my face 
to tear apart my eyes
falling off the edge only to understand 
I'm paralyzed 
Liaison for disclosure 
please lord is this over 
liaison for disclosure
please god is this done
Bring me back alone 
bring me home, another way for 
sign another line for money 
another time, to beat the rush 
leave it all behind your bed 
and doze away 
back into that empty place
Holding my breath 
floating to the surface 
it's still so far away 
cannot reach a perpetual distance 
tied under the sheets 
hands held down underneath me 
strive to make a sound
Sound is lost in the dead space of my mind
extent of the mind 
the picture of paralyzed
Track Name: Dissolved in Fire
Eyes burn fire like torches 
the only picture that I can still see 
an hour could feel like a lifetime 
when it's spent in your company
a journey so slowly corroding 
worn on my face
this time I'll see it through 
until it's gone gone 
Gone with the fire 
there is a creeper here and it's me 
I'll strip your will for my desire 
I feel the punishment constantly 
I'm so tired of the excrement feeding me 
I'll be gone worshiping
Finding direction 
in a maze with so many dead ends 
like seeing for the first time I understand 
but nothing makes sense 
there I was in the clearing 
envisioning the end 
look forward to pass look backwards to fall
now that I'm gone
Track Name: P.R.E.Y.
P ound the stakes into the ground 
R eap the treasure you have found   
E at the flesh and cook the bone 
Y ell and scream and fight for more 

Today we will fill the cup but tomorrow we could starve 
I'll sacrifice my first born as an offering to the stars

P rey upon the weakest ones 
R un from the mighty beasts 
E xcite the spirit of the forest 
Y ield to the vile high priest

Jage Tiere immer größte
Schnapp Verbrecher und die schöne
Damen sehen mich als Held
Komm für dich zum fressen denn du bist mein Fraß

P urge every house in town 
R epent for your sins astound 
E vict the people from their homes
Y ears will pass us by

I'll prey upon you 
commit atrocities in vain 
there is no refuge 
I'll bring you everlasting pain 
My senses tell me 
a sacrifice must be made
no shame in dying 
and never afraid
Track Name: Into the Unknown
Down in the dungeon 
lighting a fire 
burning a hole in walls to get away
Risking it all to violate
taking a chance to strip away the lines
See the limits of your pride
discover the wrath of the ride
into the unknown
Step by step stone by stone 
to build a glorious throne to feed your lust
Lust for knowledge, want for justice
need for freedom, a scapegoat for my crimes
See the limits of your pride 
discover the wrath of the ride 
step beyond the red line 
take us all for a ride
Down to the mercy of your leaders
the powerful have so much to lose 
The mystery of where they'll take us
and how much they will steal on the way to the top of a fantasy 
a broken system a false sense of joy
material holiday to waste away
Paradise Paradise 
for you but not for me 
Paradise Paradise 
too far away to see 
Paradise Paradise 
a sweet sweet mystery 
Paradise Paradise 
For you but not for me
Rise above 
the silent thug 
break the law 
kill them all 
travel far 
follow stars 
create an end 
holiday to waste away
Into the unknown corners of the world 
mysterious hands will reach out from the map
Risking it all to violate taking a chance to strip away the lines
Can't control a mystery like you can't control the future or the past
Only hope that's left for us is sitting in the hands of the blind